About Us

Who are we?

Pristine Kreations is a veteran-owned company located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Custom hydrographics/water transfer printing is what we specialize in. PK also just recently expanded its capabilities allowing us to make custom vinyl stickers. PK was created in 2019 and started as a garage hobby. This hobby became a passion, and that’s what leads us to where we are today. Excellent customer service and PRISTINE products are what we produce, nothing less! Let PK transform all of your projects into immaculate pieces.

Currently ‘we’ are a one-man team, and turn-around time fluctuates based on supply and demand. Due to the customization aspect of the processes, email/phone communication is key. Each order will be taken through an email, and in return, customers will receive an invoice. Keeping all of our customers completely in the loop allows us to maintain the greatest level of structure and complete projects the way clients want in entirety.

Paying It Forward!

As a new business starting out, we understand how hard it can be. With that being said, Pristine Kreations is more than willing to give any up and coming businesses a shoutout and spot on our page as long as they meet our moral standards. Follow the links at the end of the descriptions to be directed to their page! If your company is interested in having a picture and short summary on our page below, please email us!

Earth + Oak

“A girl and her camera capturing light, pastel film-look photographs. Specializing in engagement, wedding, and family portraits – soon to be offering landscape prints for home decore.”



My name is Nick Elmore (TrulyUgly). I am a designer, graffiti artist, and artist in general from South Carolina. My art is the expression of what some call ugly in a way to change the perspective on the average viewpoint. I want to create art that produces a sense of excitement, being uncomfortable, and just an all-around good time. I don’t want to design just for me I want to create a family of people that will just enjoy life and not care about social norms or opinions of others. My goal is to make more than just art but a

“Being TrulyUgly isn’t to talk down to myself or anyone its to show that something ugly to someone may be beautiful to someone else. It’s all about perspective.”-Nick E.